web design

Web sites are now the accepted method of communication with your customers, employees, members, friends or indeed anyone seeking information.

However not everyone wants a huge multipage site that costs a fortune to produce, expensive to maintain and totally inappropriate for the size of organisation.

We offer custom built sites at competitive prices to suit your needs and budget. We incorporate the latest standards (html5, css3, etc.) allied to responsive designs that automatically resize to look good on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

You may already have a website but is it responsive…..? Most of Google searches are started from a mobile device so If your site doesn’t look good on a smart phone or ipad – then you could be losing 50% of your potential customers – Google also rank responsive, mobile friendly sites higher in their search results!

We specialise in providing web solutions for the smaller businesses – so – If you just want a few pages to say ………..

 ‘Hello – here we are – this is what we do – contact us’

then we can provide it from under £500

Should you want something more elaborate with a more pages to give a little more information or functions – we can provide virtually anything you need.

We can provide low cost hosting and help with domain name registration and we also provide site management and update agreements at very acceptable rates.

Why not add an Online Shopping Cart to your website from £499