search engine optimisation

There is no easy answer to getting a website up the Google rankings – which is why I never claim to achieve any position in the search engines.

Your ranking should improve gradually in response to more people searching for your business and visiting your site. However getting satisfied customers to complete a review, on Google Places, really helps (although not from your own IP address as false reviews can harm your ranking).

Should you want to look at advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords or ppc (pay per click) – we have associates who are Google certified and experts in web advertising, who can advise you on a suitable strategy and appropriate budget; the initial discussion is free with no obligation!

To conclude – quickly achieving a high (top 10) ranking for general keyword searches in Google or other search engines WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT is virtually impossible. It can be achieved over a period of several months with constant management and tweaking etc. or virtually overnight with a well managed and targeted advertising campaign.